Our curriculum: creative approach to learning


Our Creative Curriculum is primarily led by pupil voice. After an fun, interactive ‘hook’ day which introduces the theme for the half term or term, pupils are encouraged to ask questions which will then lead the learning throughout the theme duration. Underpinning the curriculum we have diversity and resilience which are elements we have recognised we either need to learn more about or need to develop further. We are keen to involve visitors or visits to widen our pupils experience enriching the curriculum with real hands on experiences or practical session to engage and excite them. We aim to immerse the pupils in a theme to embed links across the curriculum and provide opportunities to apply their skills in a wide range of purposeful contexts.

Our current themes on ‘Space:What’s Out There?’ KS1 : ‘Will you fight or entertain for the Roman Empire?’ LKS2 and ‘Was it Great to be a Greek Hero?’ UKS2 have all been a great hit, please see the photos of engaging curriculum!