Our curriculum: creative approach to learning

Curriculum at Morley Newlands Academy

Our curriculum is steeped in powerful knowledge and skills that will develop our pupils’ cultural capital, independence and literacy. Our vision is that pupils are exposed to a range of significant topics that develop their understanding of the world and become well-rounded, culturally literate young people. We endeavour to enable all pupils to acquire skills and knowledge that takes them beyond their everyday experience. We believe access to a high-quality curriculum is the ‘right’ of all pupils as future citizens.

The two-year curriculum map is designed to ensure that there is clear coherence and continuity between phases and key stages. This means that pupils will cover a range of enriching and enlivening topics during their time at the school. In addition, we have mapped out a skills audit that means pupils will cover the statutory skills outlined in the national curriculum. An overarching motivation behind the curriculum is to create a model that allows pupils to be creative, while emboldening children’s sense of enquiry, resilience and self-confidence.

We believe that topics should always provoke discussion and, sometimes, disagreement with different perspectives coming to the fore. A curriculum that lends itself to intellectual enquiry develops thinking and research skills and sets pupils out on a path of discovery that can lead to powerful and long-lasting conclusions.

For more details about our vision and topic content, please download the documents below.