Meet the new boy

Meet Tom!Tom2

Tom is one of our new boys but he has a very special history.

A team of four children in year 6 (Brody, Helen, Theresa and Kane) worked together to build a life size model of a school child.

They started by drawing sketches of different parts of the human body, paying particular attention to proportions. They used each other as models, photographing and sketching hands holding books, legs bent at the knee, position of feet, etc. The basis of their model was a wooden skeleton. They built up the body using rolled up newspapers and masking tape. To produce hands, they mod rocked a pair of yellow rubber gloves filled with polystyrene chips. They fed wires into the fingers to allow them to bend into the required shape. When they were happy with the shape they covered the whole model in  two layers of mod rock, creating creases in the clothing to give it a realistic effect. The hair was created by using an extra layer of mod rock and some polystyrene chips.

Finally, the team painted the model in the Newlands colours and named him TOM.

Here he is seen sat in the staff room next to a book full of photos and details of his design.