National curriculum tests (commonly referred to as SATs) for both Year 2 and Year 6 children received a massive overhaul in 2016. Please read the following information and watch the accompanying video carefully to find out how you can support your children in the run-up to the tests.

Tests are conducted to be as least disruptive as possible, your child may not be aware that they are taking part in Key Stage 1 tests. Teachers will do their best to ensure that children are not concerned about the tests; making the day feel like a normal classroom day. To allow this, schools are given flexibility in how and when the tests take place. The tests do not need to be taken on a specific day, but can be throughout the month of May near the end of Year 2, with pupils either individually, in groups or all together as a class. There are six papers altogether across English and mathematics.

Video (5 mins) about Key Stage 1 tests

PDF Achieve KS1 Parent Guide