Closing the gap: all children reaching their potential

Pupil Premium

The Morley Newlands Academy believes that all children should benefit from a good education and provides pupils with equal access to a curriculum that supports children reaching their full potential. The pupil premium is a Government initiative that targets extra money to pupils from poorer backgrounds in order to “close the gap” between richer and poorer children and those who have parents serving in the armed forces by improving academic performance.

Schools that are awarded the funding by government are given freedom to spend the money as they can best plan and make provisions for their students. The impact of the pupil premium is primarily measured through Ofsted results, pupil attainment, and Department of Education performance tables.

How we plan to spend Pupil Premium and last year’s impact

Click on the tabs below to see our proposed spending for 2015-16 and the impact of our 2014-15 spending. Download a copy by clicking the button at at the top of each tab.

Report: 2016/17

2016/2017 Allocation: £212,520

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Improved attendance.


Pupil Premium Funding Cost Purpose Desired Outcome
Appointment of two new Vice Principals with responsibility for teaching and learning to coach, develop and improve the quality of teaching (3 days per week) including in areas such as:

  • Marking and feedback
  • Metacognition
  • Mastery
  • Pitch and differentiation
  • Challenge for more able PP pupils
  • Implementation of Kagan
  • Addressing within school variance:
    • Ensuring consistent implementation of practice and expectations
    • Improving monitoring and evaluation
  • Ensuring Quality first teaching:
    • Team teaching and planning
    • Modelled lessons
    • Coordinate targeted CPD
  • Ensuring more accurate data:
    • Supporting effective use of data and gap analysis
    • Moderation
  • Ensuring Effective interventions
    • Providing targeted support intervention for pupils to address underachievement
    • Ensuring effectiveness of support staff
  • Increased % of PP pupils working at or above age related expectations (in line with national, difference diminishing between PP and others nationally).
  • Increased percentage of good / outstanding provision
  • Consistent implementation of practice and expectations across school
Phase leader release time to work with staff to ensure consistency and that outcomes improve across the phase. £7,000
  • Addressing within school variance:
    • Ensuring consistent implementation of practice and expectations
  • Ensuring Quality first teaching:
    • Team teaching and planning
  • Sharing best practice:
    • Release for staff to share best practice
    • Modelled lessons
  • Moderation:
    • Ensure that all results have been
  • Phase outcomes will be in line with national (for the key stage)
  • Provision will meet the needs of PP pupils (including the more able) as evidenced in SLT monitoring
Appointment of an additional teacher for year 6 £22,000
  • Smaller class sizes of 20 pupils.
  • Re-form to 30 pupils in the afternoon for one teacher to provide high quality same day intervention/pre-teach.
  • Key stage 2 outcomes in line with national
  • PP Pupils are ready for secondary school
  • Increased confidence of PP pupils in persevering and approaching problems and problem solving
Provide staff with targeted and appropriate CPD as recommended by research bodies for having maximum impact on outcomes. £5,000
  • Staff are trained on strategies such as:
    • Kagan (Collaborative Learning)
    • Metacognition (awareness of own thought process)
    • Mastery (depth of understanding)
    • Peer support
    • TA support
  • Evidence of excellent provision and teaching over time for PP pupils
  • Outcomes are in line with national for PP pupils.
Appointment of a new SENDco with responsibility for PP funding, including the buying in of resources such as Speech and Language. £19,000
  • Identification of specific need for PP pupils
  • Co-ordination of provision for PP pupils
  • Monitoring the impact of provision on PP pupils/pupils with SEND
  • PP Pupils will have their needs swiftly identified and support implemented to ensure differences diminish
  • PP Pupils who also have SEND will be effectively supported
Redeployment of 6 HLTAs across phases to maximise learning opportunities for PP pupils £12,000
  • Provide support during English and Maths for specific phase and small groups with similar learning needs
  • Teach classes to release teachers to provide support and extension for small groups
  • Phase outcomes will be in line with national
  • Provision will effectively meet the learning needs of PP pupils and increase their confidence
Deployment of family support manager to work with families and improve and attendance £20,000
  • Support families with pastoral needs
  • Support parents and pupils who are suffering from abuse and arrange support/counselling
  • Complete attendance analysis and make second day home visits where required
  • Liaise with SLT to invite parents in to discuss absences and set improvement targets
  • Arrange positive rewards
  • Barriers to learning will be reduced
  • Pupils will be able to deal with their emotions more effectively
  • Increased attendance ¡V in line with national (at least 96%)
  • Outcomes for pupils will be in line with national
Contribution to Cluster for access to pastoral services £1,600
  • Enable school to access a range of support for pupils with identified needs
  • Barriers to learning reduced
  • Confidence of PP pupils increased
Parent courses to support with building relationships between parents and their children/supporting parents in establishing behavioural routines. £1,000
  • Develop relationships between parents and children
  • Support parents in implementing boundaries at home and support those in school also to ensure
  • Improved relationships between parents and school
  • Parents will be confident to support their children at home
  • Parents understand their role in supporting school
  • Outcomes will be in line with national.
Increase the number of learning mentors to support pupils with emotional barriers to learning £25,000
  • Provide quality and measurable pastoral support for all pupils
  • Reduce barriers to learning so outcomes improve to being in line with national.
3 new teaching assistants for deployment across Key Stage 1 £35,000
  • Address the low numbers of pupils leaving EY with GLD
  • Address % of pupils not attaining phonics screening check
  • Increased number of PP pupils attaining GLD
  • Increased number of year 1 attaining expected standard in phonics
  • Increased number of year 2 pupils attaining expected standard in phonics re-sit
Subsidise trips and visits/enrichment activities/residentials £15,000
  • Extending experiences and building confidence.
  • Increased self- confidence greater independence, better team working and collaborative skills.
  • Opportunities to capture pupils’ imagination and provide greater opportunities.
Total: £233,600
Proposal: 2015/16

Allocation of budget of £185,000 – intention of spending:

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Year Group Activity/ Initiative/ Staff Cost Purpose Proposed Outcome
Across Whole School Inclusion Support Manager £28,500 Targeted work to support families in overcoming barriers to the pupils’ learning and attendance. Pupils of targeted families make accelerated progress.
Learning Mentor

(2 terms)

£10,000 Providing additional support for pupils with a range of needs – emotional, social, behavioural, attendance and punctuality etc. Barriers to learning are overcome and targeted pupils make accelerated progress.

Improved attendance.

Teacher to release Assistant Principal (T&L) for 1.5 days. £8,970 Ensuring  Quality  First  teaching:

·         Team  teaching  and  planning

·         Provide  targeted  CPD

Sharing  best  practice:

·         Release  for  staff  to  share  best practice

·         Modelled  lessons

Ensuring  more  accurate  data:

·         Supporting  effective use of data and

gap analysis

·         Moderation


Increased  percentage of  good/ outstanding teaching  (Lesson


Consistent  implementation of practice and expectations across school (Lesson observations, monitoring  file)

Other adults provide effective support

(Lesson  observations  of  support  staff / Discussion)

Increased  %  of  children working at or above age related expectations (Assessment  Data)

Increased number of children make 2 levels and 3 levels of progress

Traded Speech and Language – additional ½ day a week £5,200 Targeted speech and language support.

Support with Early Years, narrative groups etc.

Clear strategies to support individual pupils. Barriers are overcome. Pupils make progress.
TA hours to deliver S&L intervention to Y2-Y6 pupils £5,060 1:1 sessions for pupils on the S&L caseload.

Personalised intervention supported by SaLT.

Regular implementation of S&L sessions for targeted pupils.

Barriers are overcome, pupils make progress

Numicon resources and training £2,500 Consolidating a multi-sensory maths teaching resource to help pupils make connections with numbers, create good mental pictures of number, so they can solve problems more effectively. Improved progress in Maths across school.
Purchase of new maths scheme £5,000 Provides a more structured approach to teaching maths

Pupils develop a deeper understanding of mathematics.

Improved progress in maths across school.
Additional reading resources: £5,000 Raise the profile of reading, increase reading skills, especially for PP pupils and struggling readers. Increased attainment in Reading at EYFS, Year 2 and Year 6 outcomes.
After School Clubs £500 Subsidise extra-curricular activities for pupils to promote enjoyment outside of the school day. Develop self-confidence and self -esteem. Promote positive attitudes to school.
Subsidising school trips and residential visits £2,000 Extending experiences and building confidence.

Disadvantaged pupils are able to access trips and visits

Increased self-confidence, greater independence, better team working and collaborative skills.
Additional lunch time support (TAs) £1,000 Help pupils foster a positive learning attitude by having a positive lunchtime. Develop manners and co-operation skills. More efficient lunch times.

Fewer behaviour incidents at lunchtimes.

Improved learning in the afternoons

Breakfast provision for targeted pupils. £1,500 Provides a healthy breakfast as necessary, ensuring pupils start the day in a positive way.

Encourages improved attendance and punctuality.

Improved punctuality and attendance.
Pupil Attendance at Inclusive Learning Service (ILS)




Provision is more appropriate and is able to meet the needs of the child.

Attendance at the ILS has supported  application for an EHCP

Pupil’s needs are more appropriately met.

Reduced negative impact on progress of pupils in the class

Music teaching, instrument tuition and orchestra £6,000 Children provided with free musical instrument tuition and use of an instrument free of charge. Promotes a positive attitude to school and learning.

Pupils have a sense of achievement.

Years 5 and 6 12.5hrs AP teaching in Y6

Focus group

£22,500 Small group teaching Maths and English.

Personalised learning for lower attaining pupils.

Increased confidence of pupils.

Attainment for PP in line with National at the end of KS2 Reading, Writing and Maths.

Before and after school booster groups voluntary Extended learning time: Programme of revision for SATs (10 week) Attainment in KS2 in line with National in Reading, Writing and Maths.
Active Literacy Kit (ALK)

Intervention (Y5)

£2,700 Targeted 1:1 intervention for pupils who continue to struggle with reading and writing in Year 5 Targeted Y5 pupils make accelerated progress in reading and writing.
2 x TAs for behaviour support in Year 6 £13,800 Additional support for pupils with SEMH issues. Targeted pupils are able to access an alternative curriculum as needed.
Years 3 and 4 Additional Phonics intervention for Year 3

(Led by HLTA)

£1,725 Additional support for pupils who have not yet met the standard tested in Year 1 and Year 2. Targeted Year 3 pupils meeting the required Phonics standard.
Catch up Literacy intervention

For Year 4

(Led by HLTA)

£3,450 Targeted 1:1 intervention for pupils who continue to struggle with reading and writing in Year 3 and 4. Targeted pupils make accelerated progress in reading and writing.
Additional TA in Year 3 (ams)

(2 terms)

£6,900 1:1 / Small group TA support in English and Maths for focus children (with SEMH needs).

TA also provides support to other pupils in the class

Pupils in Year 3 make good progress in English and Maths.
Years 1 and 2 Additional phonics intervention

Years 1 & 2

(Led by HLTA)

£ 3,450 Additional support for Y1 pupils who are not on course to attain the national phonics standard.

Additional intervention for those children who did not reach the required standard in the Y1 phonics assessment.

Pupils to attain phonics standard. Identified pupils to meet ARE at the end of the year.
TA hours to deliver Speech and Language to Year 1 £4,370 1:1 sessions for pupils on the S&L caseload.

Personalised intervention supported by SaLT.

Regular implementation of S&L sessions for targeted pupils.

Barriers are overcome, pupils make progress

Numicon Intervention Programme (NIP) for Y2

(Led by HLTA)

£3,450 Small group intervention for pupils in Year 2 who are not working at ARE in maths. Accelerated progress in maths for targeted pupils.
EYFS EYFS leader £10,000 Additional part-time senior member of staff in EY providing increased capacity and raising standards by:

·         Ensuring quality first teaching through team teaching and support with planning

·         Sharing best practice by releasing staff to observe good practice

·         Modelled teaching.

GLD to increase year on year at the end of EYFS
Additional HLTA ams £10,120 Early intervention.

High adult / child ratio.

GLD to increase year on year at the end of EYFS.
Additional TA in Reception (2 terms) £9,200 Support for the Speech and Language needs of FS2 pupils Less need for S&L support higher up the school
Additional TA in Nursery (2 terms) £9,200 Early intervention.  High adult / child ratio.

Support for Speech and language needs in FS1.

GLD to increase at end of EYFS
Total £192,395
Impact: 2014/15

Total fund generated by Pupil Premium 2014 – 2015:    £138 100

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Activity/ Initiative/ Staff Cost Purpose Proposed Outcome
KS2 vulnerable progress groups intervention £24 000 – 12 hours per week JH (SENCO AHT) Raise the % of pupils achieving ARE to

PP children to make on average 4 points progress in English and Maths during the school year. Focus: Y5 maths group.

7 of the group of 10 are PP children:

70% of group = PP

End of year data for the 7 PP children in the Y5 intervention group

Writing = 5.4 points progress

Mathematics = 3.0 points progress

Reading = 3.8 points progress

Early indication shows group of Y5 pupils (May 15) to be ahead of equivalent Y6 pupils (September 2013). This group will have 5 terms of support.

However, overall progress in Y5 (at least 39% FSM) is currently slow.

Catch Up Literacy & FFT reading £12 200 Close gap between PP children and non-FSM The FSM / non-FSM gap in attainment is unsatisfactory. The gap in attainment forecast for Y6 will close, but gaps in other year groups demand continuous alternative and additional provision for the core skills.
Pastoral support team £48 970 pastoral team (estimated 70% work with PP children) Minimal exclusions

Improved attendance

High standards of safeguarding (reduce effects of DV, neglect and abuse

Removing barriers to learning

No permanent exclusions. 1 temporary and supported transfer (PP) to specialist setting; 1 pupil’s needs (PP) heavily supported pending diagnosis and possible transfer to specialist setting.
NNEB phonics intervention FS2 to Y3 £26 400 full time deployment of NNEB with leading phonics knowledge Further improvements in Y1 phonics check

Accelerate progress in lees able /PP Y2 re phonics

Close gaps in Y3 PP  less able

Proportion of Y2 retake pupils passing phonics has risen significantly. Current estimate is that 74% of Y2 pupils who did not meet the benchmark level in Y1 will in Y2. This would change inadequate progress to good progress.
CA Basic skills (reading / maths) intervention £8100 Alternative provision for pupils whose support with regular reading and maths practice is not strong Progress in Y3 has been good+, from an inadequate Y2 baseline, in two terms:

In reading Y3 81% of pupils have made 2+ points progress, 53% 3+ points

In writing 88% = 2+ points, 52% 3+ points

In maths 84% = 2+ points, 50% 3+ points

Writing attainment has changed from 36% ARE to 60%+ ARE. Good (very necessary) progress.

Supporting social and physical education via 50% subsidies to residential Outdoor Educational. Visits.

Funding of coach.

£1620 Improve attitudes to learning Attendance at visits increased

Children’s experiences enhanced – writing better linked to experiences

Awaiting data for no. of children accessing PP funding subsidy. 84% of current Y4 pupils have signed to attend Y5 residential visit (Y4 30.5% FSM)

Speech and language (traded extra)  £4200 To accelerate S & L development of PP / less able pupils Number/reduction of children on case load in KS2 due to earlier identification and enhanced provision

Staff/CPD enhanced

Forecast is to maintain GLD at 60% with a more challenging FS2 cohort.

Improved Y2 phonics data

Numicon practical mathematics resources £1 100 To support number bond acquisition etc. for PP pupils Forecast is to raise Y2 2C+ from 80 to 88% in maths

Target (ambitious) is to raise Y2 2B+ to 75% in maths

Year 1 Nurture Group: developing self-confidence and social skills £1 350 Improve confidence, social skills and attitudes to learning

All pupils (except role model) PP children

Good progress in emotional and academic terms for 2 vulnerable Y1 pupils
Small group before/after school maths clubs £1,250 Y6 booster sessions to gain L4 / L5 Good level of progress forecast for Y6.

2 PP pupils entered for L6 papers.

Care Assistant Early Years £9 500 Care Assistant to allow key workers to maintain educational provision (toileting and minor first aid). Has become an essential support in FS. Next move should be collaboration with Children’s Centre to improve toilet training prior to FS.
Contribution towards EY & Y1 play facilities £6250 £25% of £25 000 initial cost of new EY outdoor play / PE resource. Two good pieces of climbing equipment installed in FS, enhancing children’s opportunities to develop spatial awareness and upper body strength.
Extend instrument provision £1 000 allocation Target extended music provision for PP children The mean PP of children learning instruments is higher than the school mean.
Special needs teacher (Booster Group) £9500 To support core skills, knowledge and understanding for KS2 pupils Very good attitude to learning observed.

Positive feedback from pupils and parents.

Support throughout school, priority Y2 L2s / 2L progress; sustaining 2015 predicted improvements  Total cost of provision, all or mostly, focused on Pupil Premium children:

£155 460